Stamperia tiles are back

One of the most requested support for decoration, tiles (product code KTR...) are a classic for all the longtime crafters.

Versatile, ideal with many different techniques (country painting, decorative, decoupage, miniatures, and much more), with many accessories that free creativity of adult and little artists.

Stamperia proposes a terracotta tiles collection with embellishment, to create wonderflul micro worlds, with the use of colours, stencils, papers... and your imagination!

You can discover the collection  on Stamperia website, section "products"

Here for you a project with warm colours and interesting effects. Download the tutorial and the model. 

Star Colour: bright effects

Today let's talk about a special colours line, thought specifically for Mixed Media: Stamperia Star Colours.

Two different colours palettes for six nuances: ancient gold, gold and silver; green, blue and red. They're acrylic colours (water based), changing and iridescent. They're perfect to give metallic glares to dark backgrounds, and particularly suitable to be used with black Modeling Paste and dark thick colours, as Vivace acrylics.

They're very creamy, the colour is concentrated: few touches applied witha brush are enough to give light and  metallic shades to your works.

You can use them on canvas, moulds, for original decorations or, as done by our teacher Monica Paruta, to create "glamour" fashion accessories. 

New Baroque Glamour Accessories - by Monica Paruta

Le Tele di Monica, "Femme Fatale" - by Monica Paruta
Le Tele di Monica- Lady Butterfly

Rub On Deco Transfer

Do you need to create an handmade special gift for a birthday, an event, or maybe for a little market… but you haven’t much time to complete your project? Or maybe, you’ve given life to a new project and you’d like to add some interesting detail to make the difference?

Stamperia Rub On Deco Transfer (DFTD...) are created to simplify the decoration process, for all the situations in which you're looking for a nice touch.

Many different designs: decorative volutes, messages, floral decorations or inspired by nature. Rub On can be applied on different surfaces (canvas, wood, ceramic, glass, etc...) with few, simple steps:

1- cut the decoration from the sheet;
2- remove the film behind and apply the  decoration on the surface;
3- press very well, if necessary, use a bone stick.
4- remove the protective film on the decoration.

That's all!

Classic Rub On are white, perfect for colorful surfaces. 
If you want a sparkly decoration (i.e., for Christmas) you can use golden Rub On.

If you want to have the opportunity to clean and wash the decorated object (i.e., a glass vase), you can apply the Wash It Finish (KE36M) on the final project: it is a special, water resistant finishing, studied for these situations.

All about Cracklé

Cracklé (or "Craquelure", the original french word) refers to a technique that reproduces the "cracks" effect on different surfaces, to create wonderful aged effects.

Cracklè can be applied on different surfaces: furniture, canvases, glass, MDF or cardboard. You can also control the final effect intensity, choosing among thin, medium or big cracks. Stamperia proposes a collection of different products to make cracklé. We want to show you all the possibilities, helping you to choose the best solution for your project:

CRACKLE' PASTE monocomponent (K3P37): the latest Stamperia Cracklé product. It is a white covering paste, perfect for Mixed Media projects. You can apply it with a spatula and you will have irregular cracks, ideal for Mix Art. Once dry, it can be coloured with water based colours, such as acrylics or Aquacolor.

THIN CRACKLE' bicomponent (KE02M): apply the first step and let it dry. Apply an abundant quantity of Step 2. You will see the effect after 4 hours at least (let it dry on air). Once dry, the product become totally transparent, creating very thin and dense cracks, that you can highlight with Patina Anticante or Lacca Scurente.

Video Tutorial Thin Cracklé and  Decoupage on glass

COUNTRY STYLE CRACKLE' monocomponent (KE07...):  you can apply on the rough or coloured surface, than let it dry until you see the cracks. These cracks have a "country" style, they are very marked, calling to mind an old wood effect. 

CRACKLE' MEDIUM SUPER GLOSSY (KE37M): it is bicomponent, the final result is near the Thin Cracklé effect (air drying), but a little more marked and, moreover, you will have a very glossy final surface.

GLASS CRACKLE' (KE18...): it has been projected for smooth surfaces (glass, but also plexiglass). In this case, you can quicken the drying process using an hair-drier. Cracks are marked, once dry, the product become transparent.

Have you ever tried Stamperia cracklé products? Tell us what do you think about, we're at your disposal for any doubt or suggestion!

Precious Spring with Aleksandra Mihelic

A new appointment with Stamperia project in collaboration with international we creatives which, from all over the world, share online their love for l'Art&Craft through amazing works.

Today Spring is in the air, thanks to Aleksandra (aka Papermade Fairytale), Slovenian blogger in love for Mixed Media and Altered Art. Here the project created for Stamperia, a very nice birdhouse decorated with Mix Media pastes, decoupage and  scrapbooking papers...

Romantic and dreamy atmospheres, vibrant colours and many 3D projects give life to little worlds and fairy tales.

Here below a selection of images from Aleksandra portfolio: 

 Stay tuned on Stamperia web channels and our Youtube profile, many new projects are coming!

Abilmente Vicenza: march 2017, from 23rd to 26th

We're ready: few days and the usual creative rendez vous in Vicenza will start. Many exhibitors, many creative courses... we wouldn't miss it!

What will you find into Stamperia booth (hall 1 - booth 231)? First of all, our great teachers, Monica Paruta e Monica Marianini:  cthey will share with you new creative courses, with focus on techniques, giving to visitors the opportunity to experiment with all the novelties in Art&Craft world.

And, of course, the exhibition of Stamperia new designs and the wide products and accessories collection (here below some little preview). 

You will also find our shops Qwick - Mondo Deco and La Magnolia, with our products and creative courses and demos of other Stamperia Team members, Monica Cagnone and Tiziana Tomasini

New Mixed Media Tutorial by Umut Rados

Internet, runs 100 miles a minute. Every second this incredible, boundless world offers ideas, contents, inspirations. This is the reason why, during the last years, Team Stamperia is committed to create a richer and more open relation with people on web. And today we can add a new, important, piece of this puzzle: the collaboration with web creatives that, thanks to their passion and their abilities, give life to unique projects.

It's a great pleasure for us present our new friend Umut, imaginative artist, youtuber and talented blogger. 

Her fresh and catchy style has captivated us and, on the other side, she fell in love for Stamperia designs and Mix Media Art collection.

Her versatility and mastery in Art Journal and Mixed Media projects creation, are clear by looking at her works. 

We've been impressed by Umut's willingness to share her ideas through complete and clear video tutorials, that allow to easily reply the projects, to discover new techniques and to increase knowledge about products.

Umut's Art Journal project made for Stamperia

Here the video made by Umut for Stamperia, with  Scrapbooking Pad "Blues" (SBBL26), wooden frames, Aquacolor and pastes of our Mix Media Collection


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