Glass Paste: ice effect on every surface

Among Stamperia pastes collection,  this is one of the most particular products, thanks to its unique features and the ease of use for the creation of wonderful effects: we're talking about Glass Paste (K3P36 and K3P41).

It is a transparent paste, enriched with microspheres cthat give a grainy consistence, like the winter iced snow.

Is it suitable for winter projects only? Abosolutely not. Glass Paste is also perfect for the creation of amazing decorations on smooth surfaces, like glass. Combined with stencils, it allows the precise reproduction of the drawing;  its transparency creates on glass very elegant reflexes and reliefs. 

Glass vase decorated with Stencils and Glass Paste; springy Plaquette finished with Glass Paste

Set: hatbox, album cover and decoupage tag with Glass Paste texture

Glass Paste should be applied with a spatula: it can be spread on decorated surfaces, like a finishing, to make them more interesting; with stencils or a few quantity on details,  to create the ice effect.

Tile with little fairies from the new Collecion "Blue Star" and ice effect on details

How to choose the right finishing

Finishing application is an important step for each creative project: protective varnishes protect our works and bring out the colours.

the right finishing is not always easy to choose, according to the materials and to the colours used. For all these reasons, we want to share a little, useful guide to select the best finishing.


Perfect to protect all that projects in which the brush pressure could ruin colours and 3D details. Once dry, the spray protect the surface and avoids iperfections dues to a careless and hasty application of those who are novice. Spray finishes reduce the application time.   


This is a "classic" product. They're water based and transparent varnishes, with an high protection power. They shiuld be applied by brush and you can choose between a glossy or a matt final effect.


Ideal on furniture and little objects, especially combined with Home Deco Paint colours collection. This varnish makes the object soft to the touch and waterproofs it, preserving the "velvety" Home Deco effect.

Home Deco Shabby Chic Set - by Angela Lagrotta


  • Glossy Finishing Solvent Based (KE17M): it can be applied on protective varnishes, to make them washable, even objects decorated with Cracklé, using a wet rag.

  • Water based Wash It finishing (KE16M): studied in particular for Dècoupage works and painted projects, once dry it protects the objects, that can be washed even into the dishwasher.


  • Super Soft Finish (KE25S): transparent, water based, perfect on all the surfaces. A single coat is enough to create a protective velvety layer on the object.

  • Glossy Gel Finishing (KE27M): water based glossy finishing. Thanks to its consistency, it uniforms the paper and the background (suitable for Découpage, Mixed Media and projects decorated with papers). It must be applied using a soft flat brush.


    • Lacca Scurente (KE08M): dark antiquing finishing, ideal to give a "vintage" look to your projects. It must be applied by brush.
    • Laccanticante (KE06): it gives an old-looking patina to the objects ,lighter then the Lacca Scurente, it is often used with Purpurine,to create covering golden effects.


    • Crystal Finish (KE30M) and  Crystal Drop (KE30S /KE30GL): both are made with acrylic resin, transparent and ready to use, create a crystal effect. Crystal Finish must be applied by brush, while Crystal Drop can be directly applied using the practical spout. Crystal Drop is available also in a special "Glitter" version.
    • Crystal Resin (KEN02): very transparent, bi-component (ratio1:1),suitable to create thick protective layers and to incorporate little objects. Super glossy final effect.


Alcool based product, it should be used on Gold Foil or Foiling, protecting them from oxidation.


Many Stamperia glues are studied as finishings, too. First of all Mix Media Glue (DC28M), it perfectly waterproofs the paper. Also Satin Vernicolla (KE19M) and Matt Vernicolla (KE24M)  and all the decoupage glues.

Aquacolor: bright colours, perfect for Mixed Media Art

Aquacolor (KAQ...) are water based colours, davailable in many different nuances, 60 ml bottles. Colours are very bright, ideal for Mixed Media shaded backgrounds. 

They can be sprayed  directly on surfaces or they can be applied by brush, depending on the final desired effect. 36 spray colours, of which 18 iridescent and pearly, with high covering capacity even on dark surfaces . Furthermore, 5 other colours, suitable for decoration of outdoor objects. 

Non-toxic colour, natural shades, unlike many other liquid spray colours, once dry Stamperia  Aquacolor maintain their brightness and permanence.

Very versatile, they can be used in combination with pastes and stencils, on black and white rice papers, on wooden and paper decorations, whatever your creativity suggests!

Pics from Stamperia International Convention 2017

I partecipanti della seconda edizione 2017 della Convention Stamperia

Creating a new collection means entails a careful reflection: it means consider the next trends, moving up them, trying to offer something really new, to surprise remaining true to the essence of Stamperia style. The courage to "dare", to accord innovation, tastes and expectations of the public. 
For all these reasons, the International Convention is very important for us: have we reached the aim?
The immediate answer is in the reaction of people that discover for the first time the new designs. Wonder, curiosity, interest, desire to try new products and papers. 
What we have seen during this Convention is, for our Team, a great recognition

Thanks to all participants! 

And, for all creatives, stay with us to discover new design, products and techniques that make even more interesting your creative adventure.

Monica Paruta show her new "Bark Effect"

Decorative detail with the new rice paper "Sweet Christmas"

People at work
Monica Paruta

Monica Paruta and Monica Marianini, the teachers of this edition

Details from the new Monica Marianini's projects, made with  "Alchemy" papers collection

International Convention: June 2017

The most important Stamperia Team event is coming: the International Convention 2017 (June, 5th-7th 2017). For this second edition, Budapest Training Center will host three days dedicated to the next Autum-Winter Collection, new techniques, confrontation and definition of the new season of creative courses.

The guidelines for this season, as imagined by Stamperia, are different: first of all, the  essential traditional Christmas atmospheres, reinterpreted with delicate and dreamy nuances.

Also,  a modern Christmas, that mantains the "magic" atmosphere of the most beloved festivity: Mixed Media little fairies, textures, messages and blue backgrounds. A very versatile collecion, that will win the heart of scrappers, Mixed Media and Art Journal lovers.

Two new sizes for these Christmas collections, to make even more pleasant your creative experience.

We'll also present a collection with  a vintage Victorian charm, elegant and rich of details. Also, a complete Mixed Media designs collection, that will surprise you for colour contrasts and subjects.
Furthermore, a travel through the alchemy world, with colours, symbols, elements inspired by this theme.

Not only papers: as usual, every collection is composed by stamps, stencils, colours and accessories in combination with all the main themes. And, of course, new techniques developed by our Creative Team and special effects that, we're sure, you'll love.

"Stay Tuned" to discover more!

Mix Media Art: pastes for backgrounds and special effects

Modeling Paste White and Colorink

Today we talk, about Mixed Media, a theme that always offers inspirations and ideas to study new products for the creation of every kind of project.

We should talk about pastes: Stamperia "Mix Media Art" collection includes many different pastes, to make interesting backgrounds and textures, relief stencils, particular 3D effects. We invite you to discover them, choosing that one that can help you to express your creativity!

The perfect base for every surface to decorate. It can be applied with a spatula, sponge brush or brush. It can be used with standard stencils and thick stencils. Once dry, it can be coloured with Aquacolor and acrylic colours. The black Modeling Paste is ideal to be  used in combination with  Star Colours (metallic colours to create iridescent effects).

Black Modeling Paste , Green Star Colour, Moulds and Accessories

Art Journal with White modeling Paste, Stencils, Rice Paper and Aquacolor

Two "new born" pastes, for who is looking for more volume. They allow the creation of very marked 3D effects. The Glossy Gel is perfect also on transparent surfaces, like glass.

Heavy Body Paste, Allegro Acrylic Colours, Stencils
Heavy Body Glossy Gel, Stencil, Acrylic Colours and HD Stamps

Hardener for fabric, white colour. Perfect to give volume and structure to paper and fabric, easy to use and waterproof.

Detail: dancer (Monica Paruta's design), stamped Voile Paper, Tex Art, Accessories

Cracklé Paste monocomponent, it allows the fast creation of an interesting Mixed Media Cracklé, a perfect background for your canvases.

Cracklé Paste, Scrapbooking Paper SBB503, Stencils, Decorative Painting

Many uses for this paste: as you can deduce from its name, this paste creates a very clear grainy texture, that can be highlight with colours. It is suitable to create particular effects.

Texture Sand Paste, Moluds with Ceramic Powder,  Allegro acrylics,  Accessories

Both transparent, these pastes create a 3D background full of interesting glares. The Gloss Gel Paste is totally smooth, the Glass Paste has got many microspheres that give an ice and pearly effect.

Mix Media Glass Paste, Aquacolor, Carta di Riso

All these products are water based.

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