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We want introduce a new column dedicated to our Creative Team: professional path, dreams, talents of Stamperia creatives. We hope they could be an inspiration for who'd like to became a professionist of Art&Craft.

Today Stamperia virtual salon hosts one of our longtime teachers: Monica Marianini.

Passion for decoration is written on my DNA, my senses  are very receptive to everything concern colours, designs, worlds that my hands create starting from different materials: different kinds of painting, modeling paste, OPLA’ paste or sugar paste, rice paper, cellulose or cotton paper

One of my most vivid memories is the perfume emanated by wooden coloured pencils that I sharpened at the kinder garden… years ago  …and tempera colours scent, with which I stained million of paper sheets!

While I was attending lessons at  Academy of Fine Art in Turin,  my feelings have been more and more oriented towards design and creativeness.

Versatility, a great use of colours and chiaroscuro, a deep knowledge of many techiniques: these are the main Monica's strenghts

Joy and enthusiasm for art are a great help during my workshops with  teenagers suffering for mental or  physical handicaps: an hard but wonderful experience, the human relation that we estabilish are something that I will never forget. In these contests I like traying to teach them to give a concrete form to their imagination. 

Monica's video tutorial: Mixed Media Christmas Ball

Stone Paper doll
Little box with purpurine
and Laccanticante 
During my career, I've collaborated with a Publishing House: I've created characters and I've illustrated stories.
My collegues used to say that this experience as illustrator is reflected into my creations, characterized by the use of shiny colours and marked chiaroscuro.

I've worked with companies operating in Decoration Field. My first collaboration with Stamperia concerned decoration: i remember very well the picture of my kitchen, a colorful Country Painting. It was one of my first projects for Stamperia.

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Now I decorate furniture with the use of Home Deco Paint, versatile colours with delicate and modern shades. I love art in every its form, so I spend my time with Scrapbooking and Mixed Media, too. I like Mixed Media 'cause I can free all my creativity and it's very appreciated my by my attendees.

I love my job and I love transmit this passion to other people. 

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