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An ancient technique, known since Middle Ages and popularized from '600 by European courts, as reinterpretation of a decorative trend  in vouge in China. Decoupage is known and very appreciated by creatives all over the world, it can be easily adapted to styles  and trends.

These are the reasons which persuade us to dedicate a great attention to decoupage in every new collection: classic papers (DFG...) covering and perfect even on dark surfaces; rice papers, sheets (DFS... e DFSA4...) or napkins (DFT...). Rice paper is very resistant, it can be cut or ripped, you can apply it with Velo Glue (DC03...) and it must be used on light backgrounds and surfaces. It is very light and allows the creation of very suggestive effects.

Rice Papers represent an important part of Stamperia Spring Collection 2016. Here below you can see a little preview of the collection, that will be soon available in Stamperia stores:

Different sizes, colours, designs dedicated to the most romantic season

What do you think about Stamperia rice papers? Which are your favourite design? What would you like to find in Stamperia Decoupage Collections?

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