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Father's day is coming (19th March in Italy): have you thought to a present? A tie, a pen, a good book... or, better perhaps, a special handmade gift. Time is short and we want to share with you a simple, beautiful and funny project: a realistic leather effect!

This is a technique that allows the customization of every object: album covers, daybooks, boxes, wooden or MDF desk sets... everything your imagination suggests!
Stone Paper is the best kind of paper to create a perfect leather effect: it is paper, but its surface reminds the leather and, once decorated, it will looks like leather.

Here below, our tutorial:

  • Apply Modeling Paste (K3P38W) on the surface with the use of a sponge brush to create an irregular surface.

  • Apply Aquacolor Pine (KE34A) on the surface, with the use of a round brush, then distribute the colour with a sponge brush, to uniform it. Let dry and repeat the sequence with Aquacolor Cherry (KE34H) and Chestnut (KE34B) (and/or Aquacolor Leather KAQ004. It depends of the colour intensity you want to get). 

  • Once the colours are dry, you can apply a little bit of Permanent Ink (WKPKIT01) on the surface (in particular near the edges), with the use of a sponge brush. In this way you will give an aging patina effect to the object.

... ET VOILA'...

Photo Album Cover

Leather effect box with deecoupage

Notebook customized with leather effect, colours and stamps

Thanks to our creative Monica Marianini for this wonderful idea!

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