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Moulds are very versatile decorative elements: bombonnières, canvases, every sort of 3D detail to give volume and personality to our works.

Cover decorated with the application of moulds (K3PTA416). Project: Monica Marianini

If we want perfect moulds is important to pay attention to material used, proportions, times and molds characteristics.  

For all these reasons we want to share with our readers all the necessary informations to use Stamperia products in the best way: 

Maxi Moulds: they are soft and flexible to allow an easy extraction of the solidified product into the mould. In this way, we can offer more complex designs, rich of fine details.  

Maxi Stampi K3PTA4...

Moulds: a longtime Stamperia product, with many different designs. We have produced an MDF base, that keeps the moulds in horizontal position.

Stampi (K3PT...) e base (K3PTR)

Stone Effect (FC04...) and Marble Effect (FC06...) Ceramic Powders: powder need to be diluted with water. For Stone effect the right mixture ratio is 700ml water / 1 Kg powder; for Marble effect 800ml water / 1 Kg powder. The final mixture must be semifluid (not thick, neither too much liquid). So, we can pour it into the moulds and we must to let it dry for 20 minutes at least.

Stone Effect and Marble Effect Ceramic Powder. Available in 2 pack sizes: 400gr and 900gr

Bicomponent White Resin (KEN06): it dries in 10 minutes on contact with air. It's liquid and transparent but, once dry, it becomes white and very resistant. It can be coloured with Colorink or acrylic colours. The right proportion between the two components is 1:1.

Pasta Flash - Bicomponent Cast Paste (KEN05): 2 components, A and B, 1:1 ratio. It dries on contact with air. Mix the components in the same quantity and you will get a dough. Put the subject that you want to duplicate inside the dough. Once the dough will be dry, you have your mould and you can use it with resin, ceramic powder, soap, wax, etc...

Resina bianca bicomponente e Pasta Flash

Soap: Stamperia moulds and Maxi Moulds can be used to make soap, too. White (FG0...B) or transparent (FG0...T) soap must be warmed two minutes in the microwave oven. Once melted, it can be poured into the moulds. When it becomes cold, it can be removed from the moulds. Stamperia offers a line of soap colorants: yellow (CS002N), blue (CS003N) and red (CS004N).

White and Transparent Soap, available in 3 pack sizes: 250, 500, 1000ml; Soap Colorant. 

Soaps and decorated boxes - Project: Simona Bolla and Monica Cagnone

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