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There are many different ways to transfer an image: we can trace it by hand, cut it from decoupage papers or, for simple designs,we can make a stencil. But, if we want to transfer every single detail of complex images, the better way is certainly the Transfer technique.

3D Painted Canvas with Transfer - Monica Paruta

Today we want to talk about this particular technique: easy and simple, it guarantees a great result. The image is clear and well defined, like we had used a stamp. But, with Transfer, we can decorate big surfaces, too. 

Stamperia Transfer Gel is one of the products we have studied for this technique. It's a water based gel, not toxic, which allows image transfer within an hour. Together with it, Stamperia dedicates, in every new collection, a space to Transfer Papers, designed by our graphic team: classic themes with flowers and volutes, vintage or modern lettering, Steampunk, Mixed Media... trying to satisfy different tastes and tendencies. 

Some example of Stamperia Transfer Papers designs

"Paris" suitcase with decoupage rice paper and Transfer.
Mariadele Colombo

The right procedure to have a perfect image transfer is simple:

1- Cut the subject by leaving at most one millimeter of paper all around. Apply a uniform layer of Transfer Gel on the surface that you want decorate.

2- Place the printed side of the Tranfer paper on the surface, then let it dry.

3- Wait 30 minutes at least, then wet the back of the paper with water, with the help of a brush. Then, rub gently with your fingertips to remove all the white paper. In this way, the transferred image will be visible on the surface. 

We suggest you to use Transfer Gel on light backgrounds. Once done, Transfer can be decorated and coloured with acrylics or liquid colours. 

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  1. Thanks a lot, what difference is there with the super transfer ?

    1. Super Transfer is faster (the image Transfer is immediate). It is a chemical product, not water based. Transfer Gel is water based and odourless.

  2. Thank you, this is very simple to do!

  3. Can i use this product with any kind of paper or works only with transfer papers?


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