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Mixed Media Tags decorated with Stamperia Mix Media 3D Pastes, Media Stencils and HD Stamps. Project: Mariadele Colombo
"Mixed Media", is a term used to describe a wide range of creative works, from artworks exhibited in art galleries to handmade projects, made through the combination of different products and materials. A canvas, an object, an accessory created as a special gift, to give personality to our home, as special piece of a chic hobby market. Or, why not, as artworks of a personal exhibition. 

Mixed Media Canvas with Transfer DFTR055, Aquacolor, Stencils,
Black Modeling Paste (K3P38B), Moulds. Project: Mariadele
These techniques, very appreciated especially in Aglo Saxon world, begin to capture attention also in Itay.
The possibility to freely experiment the use of colours, stencils, pastes, decoupage papers, stamps... it has got almost a therapeutic value. It's funny and surprising to see how, when we present Mixed Media during events or exhibition, it wins everybody, even the most skepticals.

The Mister who says to be totally hopeless as painter... and he sundelly discover to can give life to artworks!
Or the lady in love for traditional decoupage, who belives that Shabby Style is the biggest trasgression... and finally she learns that Mixed Media can be romantic and classic, too: if we choose, for example, a floral decoupage paper or soft colours.

Modern Mixed Media: a color explosion, metal accessories which make the difference, pastes and transfer. Projects: Zoey Scarpelli (Scrapsaurus) and Monica Marianini

Many young people impassioned of Art & Craft which fall in love for this colorful world of possibilities, also thanks to web suggestions.

Two different romantic Mixed Media styles: the first one canvas, decorated with Rice Paper DFSA4165, Media Stencil KSTD012, Classic Stencils and Aquacolor (KAQ...); the second one with 3d painting, Mix Media Pastes, moulds, Wooden Frames and Aquacolor. Projects: Mariadele Colombo and Monica Paruta

For all these reasons, we think to be in front of an important creative turning point. We have chosen to accompany this revolution(and to push it... we hope so!) throught the creation of the Mix Media line: papers, colours, 3D Pastes, stencils, HD Stamps... thought to make Mixed Media a wonderful and accessible experience.

And you, have you ever tryed Mixed Media? Tell us sometingh about your experience, or ask us suggestions... we are so curious to listen to your opinions!

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