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Welcome to our first post dedicated to fabric decoration, in conjunction with the initiative promoted by Stamperia to which you are all invited to participate: here you can find all the details.

Products for fabric decoration are numerous and here at Stamperia we felle to include among the best paints the ones belonging to the Silk Art Line (KASL...).


A wide range of colours, classic and metallic. 

You can apply the colour directly from
the bottle
29 colours plus six metallic shades. These paints have a liquid texture, perfect for silk decoration, with a composition suitable for cotton, lycra and synthetic fabrics, too.

You just have to dampen the silk fabric chosen and apply the paint by dropping, by spreading it with a flat brush or by spraying it using a nebulizer. This manner allows you to create wonderful shades and colour effects. The colour needs to dry off (normally in 2 hours or using a hair dryer in about 15 minutes) and it has to be fixed by ironing the piece upside down.

A creative use of Silk Art colours with stencil


For even more interesting effects you can use the Tye & Dye technique, consisting in tying the fabric with a rope and then applying paint on it. Once it has dried off, the fabric can be freed from the rope and stretched out, donating surprising motifs (some of you might remember the colorful t-shirts from the 60s... and will be happy to find out the the boho-chic style -  evoking the fashion of those years - has been taking over since a few years invading the outfits of young and old people.

Tye & Dye Technique: flip flops customization


You can also duplicate drawings: after having dampened the fabric, you can fix it to a frame using specific pins, in order to stretch the silk properly. Then trace with a pencil the outlines of the drawing chosen (for example, a flower, a spiral, a butterfly) and immediately draw them over with Gutta (KASV...). Available in 11 colours, Gutta is used to delineate different areas of the drawing in order to prevent colour from expanding outside the area of interest, when brushing an area with silk paint. This technique is called "serti" and allows you to create even very detailed drawings (for example, applying Gutta with reducers, which make even thinner and more precise outlines).

Gutta: colori classici e metallizzati disponibili

An elegant  beachwear set , decorated with the use of Gutta to delimitate contours


Furthermore there are Mediums (KASL37, KASL39, KASMM) which, mixed to the silk paints, make them thick and ideal for brushing, creating appealing painting effects...

Decorazione pittorica su abito da cerimonia, eseguita grazie all'uso dei Medium in abbinamento
ai colori per seta


Moreover,  Masking (KASM60 e KASM20), is a sort of modern-day version of the wax used in the Batik technique: it consists of a liquid to be applied on the fabric areas we want to protect from the paint. Once the paint has dried off and fixed, masking can be washed away with water.

Liquid Masking and masking for details

Thera are many more secrets to unveil on this ancient and charming art: for example, how to have wonderful decoration on synthetic fabric.

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