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Rose iperrealistiche in Stone Paper (DFPCA3 e DFPC5070) ed Aquacolor (KAH...).
Progetto di Francesca Ghidini

Cut out, sewing, painting, modelling: the new Stamperia Stone Paper is suitable for every kind of creation and can be  machine washed.

Months after its debut, Stamperia Stone Paper continues to arouse a great curiosity among creatives all over the world, who struggle to belive to the characteristics of this special paper, just until they try to use it. We confess that, at the beginning, a pinch of sound scepticism was lingering even among us insiders. All doubts were banished instantly when we put it into practice : there is basically nothing that cannot be realised. Album covers, 3D objects, bags, jewellery, dolls... Stone Paper inspires truly unique projects.

Our creatives know it well, they have been conquered by this new product...
From left to right: lantern dolls with Mousse, Stone Paper, Stencils and accessories; spring lantern with Aquacolor and Stone Paper; Trays in Stone Paper decorated with Rice Paper decoupage and sewed on the edges.
From left to right: shoulder pochette and little boxes in Stone Paper sewed and decorated with stamps and Aquacolor,;jewellery in Stone Paper engraved and painted with Aquacolor; fairies in Stone Paper sewed, painted with Allegro acrylics and Aquacolor.

Stamperia Stone Paper is available in two sizes : A3 and 50x70 cm. 

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  2. Stamperia Website and from Hochanda craft channel. Have bought from both these sources. The stone paper is fantastic but is not the only stone paper out there! Have fun


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