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Angela Lagrotta
For our second date with the wonders of Silk, Angela Lagrotta, Stamperia creative and Silk Art lover, shows some decorative techniques that she likes to use.

Silk Art & Lycra: a bikini decoration

"The color of the bikini should always be white. I moisten it with water and a nebulizer, then I apply drops of colour and I blend them with a standarino brush. Lycra absorbs much colour, so I use intense Silk Art colours and I soften them.

I let the bikini dry without hair-dryer, then I apply the stencils (Silk Art paint and Medium Glitter applied with a standarino. I remove the excess by dabbing the brush tip on a paper towel). To fix the colour, I plunge the bikini in hot water. In this way it's possible to fade the excess of colour.
I repeat the process a couple of times or until the water is clear".

Decorated Summer Dresses

"I like working on cotton and mixed fabric, an outdoor space is ideal to lay them. I soak the dresses, I squeeze them well and then I apply the colours, trying to create the right shades. Then I rolled up them and I blend colours with the wet palms of my hands.
I put intense colours on the edges and I soften them by using Medium Glitter.
I let the dress dry on a crutch (the dripping of colours always creates new amazing shades).
I complete the decorations with stencils and Silk Art Paint mixed with Medium Glitter; sometimes I combine more techniques (decoupage on silk, decorative painting, etc...)"

Thanks to Angela for this suggestions! We remind you the initiative dedicated to Silk Art, to which you are all invited to participate:

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