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Here we are at the first date dedicated to the winners of "Color Your Style", the Silk Art Web event promoted by Stamperia in May and dedicated to all Silk Art lovers.

Mrs Patrizia Di Majo is the third artist most liked by our Facebook followers... with our great pleasure, becouse Patrizia's projects are real masterpieces! 

We share with our readers a little interview that Mrs Di Majo gently granted to Stamperia Web Team. She revealed the story of her passion ad her main inspirations...

The scarf pubished on Stamperia Facebook Page

Do you remember when you fell in love with Silk Art?

Some years ago I was member of a cultural association which promoted handmade courses, especially decoupage. I've taken part to a fair in Rimini and I've been dazzled by a teacher that was painting a silk scarf . I was fascinated by the colours that wafted on silk, effects, shades, techniques... all the possibilities offered by this form of art. I've started to paint the "pre-guttati" (silk supports with the drawn scheme), then I've begun to create my own designs and to experiment new techniques.

Did you follow some course or you can say to be an autodidact? 
I've followed some course during the fairs, but, most of all, I've learned by experimenting. I can say that my interest for creative arts pushed me to became an autodidact. 

Is there a technique that you prefer (serti, batik, etc...)?

I love especially abstract designs.

Which are your main inspirations?

I take inspiration from the world of fashion, I try to choose cool colours and shades easy to wear.

Only scarf or do you like to use also other supports (dresses, objects for home decoration, accessories...)?

I paint in particular scarves, but I often try to use new supports.

How did you known Stamperia? 

I've known Stamperia twelve years ago, through your teacher Angela Lagrotta, very nice and professional. She infused us the passion for all the techniques she taught.

Do you often  use / have used Stamperia Silk Art products? What do you think about them?

Once I've used your Silk Art Colours. I thnik they're softer than other colours I've tried before.

Nella sua città o nelle vicinanze si organizzano spesso corsi ed eventi dedicati alla Silk Art?

Courses and events are rare in my city (Naples)

Have you got other creative passions?

Yes, with my friend Cristina I love decorate tiles: we decorate them with decoupage or we paint them. We also like making jewels and many other things. Painting is a great passion for me. You can find many projects on

Do you have some suggestion for creatives who would like to try Silk Art Paint?

For all the creatives that would like to try Silk Art I suggest to begin with easy techniques, and to be followed by an expert, at least in the beginning. Silk is very delicate, decoration must be precise and you should be very careful, especially if you decide to try serti, a wonderful technique. Furthermore Silk Art gives life to projects that you can wear, an opportunity to show your work, to be proud of it.

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