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Rita Albergamo (here, her official page) obtained the second place at the web contest "Color your Style", her works conquered our public and  Stamperia staff altogether, thanks to surprising creations and a very impressive technical skill!

Let us discover something more about her passion ...

Do you remember when your interest about Silk Art was born?

My passion was born in 2014. After following lessons of oil painting I became interested about tissue painting and I followed a basic course.

Have you followed classes or may you call yourself a self-made artist?

No, for the last two years I am following a tissue painting school, particularly silk painting. It is important to continuously study  new techniques, improvement never ends. When we're "at home", we can work up the teaching and, once there, the wonderful phase of intimate elaboration of our mind and our knowledge starts.

Which technique do you like to apply particularly (serti, batik, etc...)?

In the beginning I was fond of serti, but later on I started to feel the need of a free expression, trying to avoid the "bounding edges" of gutta: I prefer to use the thickening medium instead, joined with new innovative techniques, following my personality.

What does inspire your creation?

I adore the swirls and the baroque masks, but flowers are my favourite: they are giving joy and energy to me, they're my greatest source of inspiration. Frida Kahlo said: "I am painting flowers to forbid their death".

Do you paint only scarves or you like also other surfaces (dresses, home accessories, fashion items, etc...)?

I always like to experiment new surfaces: dresses, t-shirts, ties, bags, hats. I am decorating towels, tablecloths, linen curtains, doilies. My decorations are often harmonized with precious designs of Sicilian ancient embroidery.

How did you meet Stamperia?

I first met Stamperia in 2014, when I bought the necessary products for my first course of tissue painting.

Have you often employed our products for Silk Art? What do you think about them?

I always use your products for Silk Art. The quality is excellent and the bottles with functional thin spout are very helpful. Sometimes I am applying it directly on tissue.

In your town (or nearby) are often organized courses or events dedicated to Silk Art?

No, in this area there aren't events of this type.

have you got other creative interests? If yes, which ones?

Yes, I've got many passions: oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour, 3D paint, crayon, watercolour pencils designs.

May you give an advice to the creative who would like to try Silk Art?

First of all, I suggest to follow a basic course, to study and make a lot of exercise: you'll face several difficulties, but if you'll be determined to carry on, it will mean that Silk Art Paint really conquered your heart!

Thank you Rita for this wonderful conversation. And now, let us share a rich selection of your masterpieces...

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