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The school year reopens, and The Caterina da Siena High School, ranked first at  web initiative "Color Your Style", gives us a great interview with the guys of the class 3° AM Professional Fashion, authors of this beautiful dress cocktail, made with the colors of the line for silk:  Silk Art  STAMPERIA.

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1- It was your first experience with silk colors or you happen to habitually use them?

It was the first experience for many of us with silk colors, we had great fun. It was also nice to see our work done and finished.

2- What was it like to design the dress? Which were the main steps?

Designing a dress in a group of nine people, at the beginning, scared a bit all, but once we started work we no longer thought. We'd immediately agree on the decisions to be taken; the work, moreover, has been  split  from the beginning so as not to have delays or clashes.

There were no functions more important than other, all the steps were on the same plane. The only important thing was, of course, to expand very well the color on the whole silk tissue, without leaving white spaces. 

First of all,  we used buttons to give movement to the fabric,  then we applied different colors, thus creating a floral pattern.

3- There are other techniques/materials that you like to try with Silk colors  (for example other media  to create accessories, home accessories,  objects suggested by your imagination!)?

The effect that we were able to give really liked all of us and the public at the final fashion show, not only for the bright colors but I especially for the nuances that we have created. You could try, for example on summer clothes, always giving the same shade of color, but also of the fall and winter clothes, but using darker colors like black, grey and white. Or burgundy along with other shades of red and some brownish.

4- What other techniques/materials you like to use in school labs and at home (other colors, fabrics and accessories, etc...)?

[Here is the detailed answer of a student and, later, the answers of the other guys]

The fabric with which I work more is cotton. I also like silk, like all of us, being one of the best fabrics to touch. I also like a lot the finished satin, I use it to create long dresses, often elegant.

The materials that we like to use are: sequins, zippers, glitter to enhance the clothes, and we'd love to also try the decoupage technique.

5- Was this the first meeting with STAMPERIA brand or did you already know the company and the products?

It was the first meeting with Stamperia for us, and hopefully not the last!

6- Future: which are your dreams, what would you like to do after school?

[Here is the detailed answer of a student and, later, the answers of the other guys]

After high school  I want to attend  the NABA University, in order to increase knowledge and skills in my profession . After the NABA my main dream is to be able to create a successful company;  being a fairly common dream is also difficult to achieve, but not impossible!

We would like to always be in fashion field, as designers or tailors.

7- One last question: what does creativity means for you?

"Creativity" is synonymous with "imagination" . It means to imagine something original, being able to understand before the creation that this thing will appeal, then to be able to achieve it.
For us creativity is the ability to create objects using up our imagination.

Thanks to the students  of Catherine of Siena Institute and congratulations for the great work.

A special thanks to the teachers of the Institute and to Mrs.Gloria for  her precious  assistance.

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