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The first encounter between Stamperia and Antonios Tzanidakis was exciting. His eclectic and overwhelming personality, his contemporary and international style soon gained us. Few months ago Antonios joined the Creative Team, enriching it with a new original point of view on the world of Art & Craft. 

Past International Convention in Budapest was the decisive moment to sanction the beginning of this new collaboration. Since from the first time it was clear Antonios' inclination for Mixed Media, Steampunk atmospheres, the theme of the travel through space and time that is reflected on his projects.

Steampunk book and little chest
Vintage furniture
With a great curiosity and his desire to experiment, Antonios has interpretated in  very personal way the projects of Stamperia teachers during the Convention. He attained the favour of our creatives and he gained the top spot of the podium during the contest that followed the exhibition of participants' artworks.

Beauty and The Beast

"L'effetto palchetto" ("Palchetto effect - literally parquet floor effect) can be considerated his "signature": a painting technique which consist in sectioning and masking the surface, then applying patinas and colours until create wonderful hues patchworks.

Some example of "Effetto Palchetto"
Relief stencil with pastes and oil colours
Mixed Media canvas with scrapbooking paper and stencils

Patinas on metal objects

During these few months we have appreciated the creativity of the new International Team member, which has collected enthusiasm of shopkeepers and hobbists that have followed his courses around the world.

So... what else to say? WELCOME ANTONIOS!

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