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A simple plastic card, white or transparent, into a classic "red Stamperia" packaging. Is it just a banal plastic card? Absolutely no. Stamperia Shrinky Bits (DFSBA4W e DFSBA4T) is a revolutionary product, surprising and funny. Its simple layout reveals a magic that has won adult crafters and little wannabe artists. Take the pack displayed into the store, turn it... and free your creativity!

Shrinky Bits is a special shrinkable film that can be stamped with permanent ink, coloured or decorated with a permanent marker, reproducing your favourite drawing. Once put near a heating source (embossing gun or oven), the film reduces its volume until 70% from the original size.

Choose an High Definition Stamp. Or, why not, more different stamps, maybe textures. Apply some black Permanent Ink (WKPKIT01) on the stamp,  then stamp the Shrinky. Colour the draw with the use of a little round point brush and Aquacolor (KAQ...): use few colour because, once the Shrinky is reduced, every colour will look more intense.

Cut the decoration, pierce it with the use of a punch plier, then heat it with the embossing gun (WKPVE). You can hold down the decoration by using a little wooden stick. Once the decoration is reduced, flatten it with a plexiglass base for stamps (WBA012). 

Guardate in video tutorial completo

Voilà, the magic has worked: you have created an exclusive charm, detailed, colorful and  very resistant.

Some more suggestion:

1- If you decide to use Shrinky on the shiny side the final result will be opalescent. Sand down gently the surface before using colours: the final result will be even more satisfying!

2- You can "mix" white and transparent Shrinky to compose your jewel. Shrink the different decorations, then assemble  them by using a cyanoacrylate glue (super fix instant glue). 

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