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New, interesting tutorial dedicated to "Special Effects". Today we want to show you how to have a realistic jute effect, customizable with colours and easy to make on different supports.

Monica Marianini has chosen a little chest, transforming it in a wonderful mixed media piece of furniture. Here below the steps:

1 - Spread a layer of white Primer (K3P28P) on all the surface with the use of a flat brush.

2- Choose a part of the surface to make the jute effect. The other parts of the object will be decorated with decoupage. Apply a layer of white Modeling Paste (K3P38W) on the chosen area, by using a spatula.

3- Do not wait the complete drying and make horizontal grooves on the paste, with a plastic fork. Let it dry.

4- Repeat the step: apply the paste and make the grooves but, in this case, vertically (look at the picture). In this way you will design the typical jute texture. If you want a more marked effect, you can reapeat a third time.

5- On the other parts of the chest: tear off the rice paper (DFS369) and glue it. Use Stamperia Mixed Media Glue (DC28M) and a flat brush.

6- Complete by colouring the jute texture. Monica has chosen Allegro colours: first of all, Allegro cookie (KAL43). It has been diluted with some water (having a sort of watercolour effect), then applied with a flat brush, following the horizontal grooves on the texture. Let it dry, then do the same with Allegro avion blue (KAL42), and follow the vertical grooves.

7- Intensify the colours near the decoupage decoration and along the chest borders, by using a standarino brush. You can use Allegro umber (KAL45) to darken.

Let it dry, then protect your work by applying a layer of mat finish (KE05). You can customize your project by applying your favourite decorations and stencils.

Project: Monica Marianini e Donatella Russo

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