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A romantic project, in line with the trend of the moment:  personalization. Not only regarding  the choice of colours or papers, but especially in the opportunity to make your own photograph the main element of the canvas. The special feature of this project is that the canvas is decorated on its back instead of the front. In this way, you can decide to use an old canvas to which you'd like to change look.

1 - Mix together acrylic Allegro turquoise (KAL25), light grey (KAL84) and white (KAL11), to obtain a “dusty” light blue.  Use this mix to colour the inner frame of the canvas cm 20x20 (KTL23) by using a flat brush. Then, colour the edges of the canvas with Allegro Turtledove (KAL81).

2- Take the scrapbooking block Precious (SBBL24) and select the card with musical notes background. Tear up the scrap paper in order to allow the application on the back of the canvas. Before gluing the paper, work all the edges with Distress (SBA20) and darken them with brown Stamp Pad (WKP03G). Finally, glue the paper to the canvas using the Gel Glue (DC06M).

3- Look at the picture below: cut out small pieces of stencil (KSG295)  and color them with Allegro grey (KAL84) using a sponge brush. When the paint will be dry,  apply the pieces on the paper, to create a texture. 

4- Use a pencil to mark on the paper the place where you want to apply the small canvas cm 8x8 (KTL42M). Create, all around this part, a shade with the mix of colours used for the frame.
Blend another little bit of this mix with Cracklé Paste (K3P37) and spread it on the small canvas borders by using a spatula, as in the picture. Now you can apply your photo onto the small canvas.

5-  Colour the Wooden Frame (KLS239) and the wooden writing (KF447) with the brown  Stamp Pad. You can choose a different message or decoration among the wide range of Stamperia Wooden Frame designs.

Apply the decorations on your canvas by using some Hot Glue (KRH03)  . You can also add some pearls (SF096) and  paper roses (SF103).

6- Make a decorative tag to enrich the canvas: cut out your favourite tag from the Scrapbooking block  "Precious". Use a white or an ivory cardboard to create a second tag with the same shape of the first, but  6 mm larger than the first. Darken the edges of this second tag with the Stamp Pad. Fix together the tags, by using some Gel Glue (DC06M).

7- Cut a piece of Vintage Ribbon (NST003) as large as the paper glued onto the main canvas. Pass the ribbon through a metal buckle (SBA32). Last step: fix this composition to the canvas, by using hot glue.

Project: Marzia Critelli.

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