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Cracklé (or "Craquelure", the original french word) refers to a technique that reproduces the "cracks" effect on different surfaces, to create wonderful aged effects.

Cracklè can be applied on different surfaces: furniture, canvases, glass, MDF or cardboard. You can also control the final effect intensity, choosing among thin, medium or big cracks. Stamperia proposes a collection of different products to make cracklé. We want to show you all the possibilities, helping you to choose the best solution for your project:

CRACKLE' PASTE monocomponent (K3P37): the latest Stamperia Cracklé product. It is a white covering paste, perfect for Mixed Media projects. You can apply it with a spatula and you will have irregular cracks, ideal for Mix Art. Once dry, it can be coloured with water based colours, such as acrylics or Aquacolor.

THIN CRACKLE' bicomponent (KE02M): apply the first step and let it dry. Apply an abundant quantity of Step 2. You will see the effect after 4 hours at least (let it dry on air). Once dry, the product become totally transparent, creating very thin and dense cracks, that you can highlight with Patina Anticante or Lacca Scurente.

Video Tutorial Thin Cracklé and  Decoupage on glass

COUNTRY STYLE CRACKLE' monocomponent (KE07...):  you can apply on the rough or coloured surface, than let it dry until you see the cracks. These cracks have a "country" style, they are very marked, calling to mind an old wood effect. 

CRACKLE' MEDIUM SUPER GLOSSY (KE37M): it is bicomponent, the final result is near the Thin Cracklé effect (air drying), but a little more marked and, moreover, you will have a very glossy final surface.

GLASS CRACKLE' (KE18...): it has been projected for smooth surfaces (glass, but also plexiglass). In this case, you can quicken the drying process using an hair-drier. Cracks are marked, once dry, the product become transparent.

Have you ever tried Stamperia cracklé products? Tell us what do you think about, we're at your disposal for any doubt or suggestion!

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