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Modeling Paste White and Colorink

Today we talk, about Mixed Media, a theme that always offers inspirations and ideas to study new products for the creation of every kind of project.

We should talk about pastes: Stamperia "Mix Media Art" collection includes many different pastes, to make interesting backgrounds and textures, relief stencils, particular 3D effects. We invite you to discover them, choosing that one that can help you to express your creativity!

The perfect base for every surface to decorate. It can be applied with a spatula, sponge brush or brush. It can be used with standard stencils and thick stencils. Once dry, it can be coloured with Aquacolor and acrylic colours. The black Modeling Paste is ideal to be  used in combination with  Star Colours (metallic colours to create iridescent effects).

Black Modeling Paste , Green Star Colour, Moulds and Accessories

Art Journal with White modeling Paste, Stencils, Rice Paper and Aquacolor

Two "new born" pastes, for who is looking for more volume. They allow the creation of very marked 3D effects. The Glossy Gel is perfect also on transparent surfaces, like glass.

Heavy Body Paste, Allegro Acrylic Colours, Stencils
Heavy Body Glossy Gel, Stencil, Acrylic Colours and HD Stamps

Hardener for fabric, white colour. Perfect to give volume and structure to paper and fabric, easy to use and waterproof.

Detail: dancer (Monica Paruta's design), stamped Voile Paper, Tex Art, Accessories

Cracklé Paste monocomponent, it allows the fast creation of an interesting Mixed Media Cracklé, a perfect background for your canvases.

Cracklé Paste, Scrapbooking Paper SBB503, Stencils, Decorative Painting

Many uses for this paste: as you can deduce from its name, this paste creates a very clear grainy texture, that can be highlight with colours. It is suitable to create particular effects.

Texture Sand Paste, Moluds with Ceramic Powder,  Allegro acrylics,  Accessories

Both transparent, these pastes create a 3D background full of interesting glares. The Gloss Gel Paste is totally smooth, the Glass Paste has got many microspheres that give an ice and pearly effect.

Mix Media Glass Paste, Aquacolor, Carta di Riso

All these products are water based.

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