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Home Deco Paint (KAH...) and Home Deco stencil (KS...) have been studied for making decoration and restoration pleasant experieces with a great effect.

24 nuances, three different sizes (110, 250 e 500 ml). Colours are water based, creamy and with an very covering. Once dry, they look matt and velvety, thanks to their chalky part. The final effect is clean and very elegant. 

Setting up a dreamy corner to catch the gaze and tranform the house, will be an amazing activity.

Home Deco Collection includes many stencils, different designs and sizes: classic and modern subjects, perfect for decoration of little objects and big surfaces, such as furniture and walls. We invite you to discover the complete selection on Stamperia official website.

Matt Finish Waxed Effect (KE38M), studied for  Home Deco Paint, seals completely the surface, avoiding water to damage your furniture. It preserves the soft touch given by Home Deco Paint. As an alternative you can use the Spray Finish (KE05).

Free your creativity, match together colours and special effects to find your style!

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