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I partecipanti della seconda edizione 2017 della Convention Stamperia

Creating a new collection means entails a careful reflection: it means consider the next trends, moving up them, trying to offer something really new, to surprise remaining true to the essence of Stamperia style. The courage to "dare", to accord innovation, tastes and expectations of the public. 
For all these reasons, the International Convention is very important for us: have we reached the aim?
The immediate answer is in the reaction of people that discover for the first time the new designs. Wonder, curiosity, interest, desire to try new products and papers. 
What we have seen during this Convention is, for our Team, a great recognition

Thanks to all participants! 

And, for all creatives, stay with us to discover new design, products and techniques that make even more interesting your creative adventure.

Monica Paruta show her new "Bark Effect"

Decorative detail with the new rice paper "Sweet Christmas"

People at work
Monica Paruta

Monica Paruta and Monica Marianini, the teachers of this edition

Details from the new Monica Marianini's projects, made with  "Alchemy" papers collection

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    1. Thank u, Ania! We'll share soon with you the last projects!

  2. I would like to say a BIG thank you for the hospitality the goody bag and the atmosphere.The workshops were enjoyeble and very educational.
    Thanks for each and every one of you. It was nice to meet you all!
    Yaffit Gilboa, Mimms, Israel.

  3. Hermoso!, allá estaré el próximo año compartiendo con ustedes!!


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