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Among Stamperia pastes collection,  this is one of the most particular products, thanks to its unique features and the ease of use for the creation of wonderful effects: we're talking about Glass Paste (K3P36 and K3P41).

It is a transparent paste, enriched with microspheres cthat give a grainy consistence, like the winter iced snow.

Is it suitable for winter projects only? Abosolutely not. Glass Paste is also perfect for the creation of amazing decorations on smooth surfaces, like glass. Combined with stencils, it allows the precise reproduction of the drawing;  its transparency creates on glass very elegant reflexes and reliefs. 

Glass vase decorated with Stencils and Glass Paste; springy Plaquette finished with Glass Paste

Set: hatbox, album cover and decoupage tag with Glass Paste texture

Glass Paste should be applied with a spatula: it can be spread on decorated surfaces, like a finishing, to make them more interesting; with stencils or a few quantity on details,  to create the ice effect.

Tile with little fairies from the new Collecion "Blue Star" and ice effect on details

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